“Between Two Worlds: Jean Price-Mars, Haiti, and Africa” is a special volume on Jean Price-Mars that reassesses the importance of his thought and legacy, and the implications of his ideas in the twenty-first century’s culture of political correctness, the continuing challenge of race and racism, and imperial hegemony in the modern world. In this first of many interviews, Dr. Joseph shares with us how Price-Mars’s thought is also significant for the renewed scholarly interests in Haiti and Haitian Studies in North America, and the meaning of contemporary Africa in the world today. Dr. Lou explores various dimensions in Price-Mars’ thought and his role as historian, anthropologist, cultural critic, public intellectual, religious scholar, pan-Africanist, and humanist. The goal of this book is fourfold: it explores the contributions of Jean Price-Mars to Haitian history and culture, it studies Price-Mars’ engagement with Western history and the problem of the “racist narrative,” it interprets Price-Mars’ connections with Black Internationalism, Harlem Renaissance, and the Negritude Movement, and finally, the book underscores Price-Mars’ contributions to post-colonialism, religious studies, Africana Studies, and Pan-Africanism.

Show Notes

In this episode (1/2), listen as Dr. Celucien Joseph (Dr. Lou)outlines the 5 themes he will discuss with us in this episode and the two others that follow. As it relates to

Jean Price-Mars’ writings and thoughts. The 5 themes are listed below. In this episode, Dr Lou Discusses Price-Mars’ grounding within the context of Caribbean intellectual traditions, such as creolite, negritude, etc. Subsequent episodes will tackle the remaining 4 themes–not necessarily in the order he mentions them in this episode. Enjoy!

  • Pan-Africanism
  • Black Atlantic Intellectual History/thought/culture
  • The Symbolic Meaning of Africa re to his writings. What does Africa mean to Price-Mars.
  • Grounding Price-Mars in the Caribbean context of creolite, negritude, etc
  • Price-Mars’ connection to the Harlem Renaissance.