Remembering Jean Dominique & Radio Haiti

To commemorate the anniversary of the assassination of Jean Dominique, Nèg Mawon Podcast gives you a taste of the archive of Radio Haïti-Inter and what it can still tell us today. Hear the voices of grassroots activists, intellectual luminaries, and, of course, Radio Haiti’s journalists discussing human rights, artistic creation, US imperialism, dictatorship, memory, mobilization, and mawonaj.

The voices you hear from Radio Haiti’s archive clips  include Sony Estéus, Magalie Marcelin, peyizan from Kay Jakmèl, a woman from Damassin attending a congress of the Mouvman Peyizan Papay, Emmanuel Ambroise, Roger Gaillard, Frankétienne, Rose-Marie Desruisseau, Konpè Filo, Charles Suffrard, Michèle Montas, and Jean Léopold Dominique.