Dr. Marlene Daut

Dr. Marlene Daut is an academic deeply engaged in the critical analysis of Haitian history, particularly focused on 19th-century Haiti and its perception of historical figures. Struck by the dissonance between France’s celebration of Napoleon Bonaparte’s bicentennial in 2021 and the historical leader’s brutal efforts to re-enslave and oppress Haitian people, her scholarship provides a stark commentary on the complexities of historical legacies.

Daut is known for her clear-eyed perspective on history, one that is unafraid to draw parallels that may startle or unsettle the status quo. Indeed, when France commemorated “the year of Napoleon,” it was Daut’s voice that cut through the pageantry to remind the world of the sobering equivalences: how a national celebration can inadvertently (or deliberately) gloss over the grim realities of imperialism and human suffering.

A passionate scholar and a provocateur in the best sense of the word, Dr. Daut’s work is a painfully necessary bridge between past and present, continually challenging her readers and listeners to reconsider which histories we honor, and the narratives we choose to cherish or to challenge.

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