Perinde ac cadaver


  • This is Latin, literally: “as if a dead body”, meaning the total emptying of the self/ego, to make room for total obedience to the church
  • It’s a motto principally applied to the creation of a centralized organization like the Catholic Church, where the Jesuits practiced total self-denial, the willful hallowing out of the ego so as to make room for the total submission to the Pope and those at the top of the ecumenical food chain.
  • Once you grasp the application of this motto to the Catholic Church, you can see how it is a project fraught with complications because self-denial is counterfeiting on a grand scale.
  • Counterfeiting is a Beaudrillard, Jean term. He talks about this human tendency to replace a natural thing with an artificially constructed one: “…the demiurgic ambition to exorcise the natural substance of a thing in order to substitute a synthetic one.”
  • Cross reference “perinde ac cadaver” with the act disembedding. Is the latter term a manifestation of the former?