Washington, George

  • Source: “The Writings of George Washington,” ed. by Jared Sparks (Boston, 1834-1837), X, 194, 195.
  • The following letters are replies from George Washington to Ternant, the French Minister to the United States, who white-fearing the uprising in Saint-Domingue, asked the U.S. for aid. Washington’s reply is quite revealing but not surprising.
  • Remember, Bois Caïman went live on August 20ish, 1791.

Letter 1 from Washington to Ternant, dated September 24, 1791

“Sincerely regretting as I do the cause which has given rise to this application, I am happy…that the United States are to render every aid in their power to quell ‘the alarming insurrection of the negroes of Hispaniola'”

Letter 2 from Washington to Ternant, dated October 2nd, 1791

“Whatever the final issue of this affair may be, it is difficult at this distance…to foretell, but, certain it is, the commencement has been both daring and alarming.”