Dr. Leslie Alexander

Leslie Alexander, PhD

Dr. Leslie Alexander is an esteemed scholar in the realm of African and African Diaspora studies. Throughout her distinguished career, spanning approximately two decades, Dr. Alexander has emerged as a leading voice among black intellectuals in the academy. Her work…

Dr. Nadève Ménard

Nadève Ménard

Episode Notes As you’ll discover from listening to this episode, Dr. Ménard is an easy person to talk to. I left some of the background noise intact because this convo took place while she was in Haiti. I think I…

Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson

Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson

Episode Notes Had a blast with Dr. Marie Jessica Johnson. This new episode is the story of freedom, of choices black women made to anchor their humanity, to retain control over their bodies, selves, loved ones, and their futures.

Dr. Kaiama Glover

kaiamaa glover

Episode Notes A PDF version of this book is available for free in open access via the OAPEN Library platform (www. oapen. org). Historically and contemporarily, politically and literarily, Haiti has long been relegated to the margins of the so-called…

Dr. Vincent Joos

Vincent Joos, PhD

Show Notes Did disaster capitalism help or hurt Haiti? In this series of episodes (2), Dr. Vincent Joos explores counter-productive aspects of disaster capitalism the failed international reconstruction of Port-au-Prince after the devastating 2010 earthquake. He describes the failures of…

Sandra Wisner, JD

Episode Description [Garment Industry] At first glance, the garment workers’ protests sweeping Haiti appear to be the result of a grossly inadequate minimum wage. But listen closely to the organizers and you will see they are rooted in decades of…

Dr. Alex Dupuy

Alex Dupuy, PhD

Episode Description This compelling book and author offer a comprehensive analysis of the struggle for democracy in Haiti, set in the context of the tumultuous rise and fall of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Swept to power in 1991 as the champion of…